I'm a member of the new game company, SX3Production. It's just me and one other guy (so far), but it's gunna be AWESOME.

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SX3Penguo's News

Posted by SX3Penguo - May 20th, 2012

So I know it's been dead on my account for a long while but now that summer is here, I can work on Mr. Robo 2 again! I've created the design for the second boss and am finishing other crap. I have no idea when it will be done. I'm sorry to all those that I've made sad because of it's absence. If anyone is still out there, thank you for staying and I'll upload pics of stuff and whatnot as it comes.

See you soon!

Posted by SX3Penguo - June 15th, 2011

The Mr. Robo 2 demo is coming. There are a few bugs I gotta work out and some music but then I'll have it up in a day.. or two.. or whenever.. so here's a picture of the first boss virus! :-D

Demo coming

Posted by SX3Penguo - May 18th, 2011

Mr. Robo 2 is in the makings. I now have my own laptop so this will be much easier (and faster) to make games. I promise this will be the biggest game I have ever made. Unfortunately, if I cannot use MP3s instead of WAVs, this game will not go on Newgrounds. I love Newgrounds but WAV files burst through the 10mb rule with ease.

But I digress, Mr. Robo 2 is coming and I have been working on it as much as I can. It shall be awesome.

Posted by SX3Penguo - May 6th, 2011

I really should stop procrastinating but oh well! I'm finally about to release my third game, Venus Fly Trap. It won't be as epic as Mr. Robo but it is MUCH harder. Boss keeps complaining about it so I had to turn it all down. Hard definitly deserves its title. It does take skill and patience.

I hope you can enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it,

Posted by SX3Penguo - February 3rd, 2011

Even before Mr. Robo's Computer Adventure was finished, I was already underway with another project, dubbed Venus Fly Trap. It's a small game that won't really be too difficult, and I'm changing it as I go. I haven't really thought everything out so new ideas and objects are slowly coming together. Each day I work on this project, I learn something new about how to create these video games and I'm loving it, even though it can be quite frustrating. Definitly no release date on Venus Fly Trap but it'll be like It's Ball Inna Hole except a lot more work is put into this.

And thank you to everyone who supports SX3Production! Me and my boss really appreciate it when people rate and comment.

Posted by SX3Penguo - January 14th, 2011

Mr. Robo is finally here! Thanks for everyone's patience and thanks for the suggestions on making it smaller. I hope you enjoy Mr. Robo as much as SX3Production does!

Posted by SX3Penguo - December 13th, 2010

Well, the game is too big. I wish I could make it fit but there's nothing else to remove. I'm trying to talk to the admins and others to help me with this but we shall see. Sorry for yet another delay.

Posted by SX3Penguo - December 8th, 2010

Ok, so I lied. This is the last post before release of "Mr. Robo's Computer Adventure." I need about two more days and then it will be released! I'm pretty happy with it. I did my best, and that's all I can really ask for. To those who supplied music for the game, I again thank you!

Posted by SX3Penguo - November 3rd, 2010

So things are going well! This will be my last update on the game because it is almost finished. Need to finish one more level, finish the way the bosses die, and add credits and music. Anyone that reads this post and/or has been waiting for my game, thank you for your patience!

Posted by SX3Penguo - October 28th, 2010

Well, I've decided no demo. There's no point when I'm this close to finishing and it's only got ten levels. The game will probably be up by or before Wednesday. It's title right now is "Mr. Robo's Computer Adventure". The game is based on a little robot that is going through a computer destroying waves of viruses with two boss levels. I think my favorite will be the final boss of course lol. If you have any suggestions for a better title, let me know. Any and all feedback is appreciated! (Except for people just being plain mean.)