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Dude.... at 2:04... Bullet Bill says "Ticklin your dick." I made that up. I made that up about 2 months ago.

Where did you hear that? Did you make it up to!? That was supposed to be my catchphrase!! You stole it from me! DAMN IT.

.... anyway... I did enjoy this flash... but that hurts knowing my phrase is no longer mine...

Hehehe it was really cute. I really liked the drawings and the character design. If you upload more, I'd be happy to read!

Holy shit that was amazing. I absolutely loved it. Though I wish I could have adjusted the quality.

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I didn't get to play all of the game because unfortunately, I'm on a laptop at the moment and the mouse is almost necessary to play well. Other than that, I find this game to be quiet amazing. The idea of drawing the lines to attack is pretty interesting. I also enjoyed the many movesets the characters have. I have found this game to be quite amazing and I hope it does well for you.

Not Bad!

For your first flash game, it's pretty good. I like your design especially. The sparkles that fly off the ball are a nice touch. Good sounds to go with it. A problem I would like you to fix is to put the directions in the game. Maybe on the difficulties page. I look forward to seeing more of your games on here. Keep up the good job!


Not bad. I understand it's an old game. It's much better than anything I can do right now and I like the art and music. So good job!

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Not Bad..

But not good either. I'm a fellow guitarist and I can say that you have a good chord progression but it's not very smooth. I'm sure you must have been nervous recording this but keep practicing this to get it down pat and then re-upload it. It does sound pretty good but you are right about the sound quality not being great and it may need more distortion on at least some parts. I'll restate that I like the chord progressions so keep working at it!

Love It!

This is really awesome and I'm glad it's just an instrumental right now because I was wondering if you would be so kind as to let me use this in an upcoming game I'm making. Let me know and I can't wait for more of your music!

Exotec responds:

thank you very much! :) and yes, as long as you give us credit for our work, we would love to be featured in one of your games! :)

It's wonderful!

You sir, have talent. It has an "All That Remains" feel to it. I love that band so in turn, I love you.

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Now I am a huge fan of your work but I wasn't feeling it for this submission. I read web comics a lot so it's not because it's a comic. Maybe if you write more I'll acquire a taste for it. This is just one opinion though. The majority seem to like it, so I'd go with them. The art style is nice to look at but, for some reason, I'm just not being entertained by the characters much. The concept is a cool idea. Just keep working at it and I'm sure it will do just fine.

I'm a member of the new game company, SX3Production. It's just me and one other guy (so far), but it's gunna be AWESOME.

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